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Our Birmingham executive search and recruitment office serves clients and candidates in Leicester, Loughborough, Hinkley and across the Leicestershire region. 

Like many towns and cities in the region, Leicester’s prosperity in the early 20th century was built on textiles. But as manufacturing moved overseas, the city’s commercial identity evolved, and today it has a mixed, well- balanced economy.

Leicester entered the top 10 of PwC’s Good Growth for Cities Index in 2017, and also made it into the top three ‘improvers’ - a reflection of very high employment rates. This has created a vibrant employment marketplace as firms compete for the brightest talent, and this is driving the recruitment of talented managers and high-profiles executives from across the UK and beyond.

Although manufacturing retains an important role in the region, it is smaller, high-tech firms that are driving growth in jobs and wages. And the Enterprise Research Centre recently put Leicester on a par with London for nurturing high-growth SMEs.

Stone Executive headhunters work closely with employers and candidates across all commercial sectors and functional practices, helping Leicester employers attract talented leaders and senior executives.

To learn more about our Leicester executive search and recruitment services, call our team on 0121 737 1635.

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