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Stone Executive has an excellent track-record in corporate communications executive search and recruitment. Most of our assignments involve search and recruitment for senior positions in media relations, public affairs, investor relations and community relations. We also have a proven ability in recruiting high-calibre corporate communications professionals for a range of middle management roles.

In a world increasingly dominated by the media, where electronic communications can achieve a global reach in a matter of seconds, the art and science of corporate communications has never been more critical to organisations both large and small. With their reputations at stake 24 hours a day, organisations increasingly rely on talented communications professionals to help protect their brand. And the role of these professionals is constantly evolving.

The corporate communications landscape has changed radically in recent years, not only in response to new technologies, but also as a result of the changing relationship between corporations, their customers, and the communities where they operate. In the face of events and corporate actions that have impacted millions of people, today’s audiences demand greater openness and transparency.

Forward-thinking organisations have responded by treating their customers and employees as genuine stakeholders, and by working hard to engage with these diverse audiences across multiple channels. Corporate communications is now a highly dynamic field, and the growth of social media has changed the rules almost overnight. For their voice to be heard amongst the chatter, companies must create innovative new strategies to engage effectively with audiences locally, regionally and globally.

Corporate Communications Executive Search

With a well-established Corporate Communications executive search and recruitment practice, Stone Executive has a wealth of experience in identifying and attracting leading talent for a wide range of clients. Our network spans SME’s, third-sector bodies and global corporations, plus many of the most sought-after corporate communications professionals in the business.

To discuss your corporate communications executive search and recruitment needs, please contact  our team on 0333 800 1560.

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