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Business Brokerage & Intermediary Services

Our Business Brokerage service brings together companies seeking acquisitions, with business owners seeking or considering exit.

Just like the high-calibre professionals we head-hunt, good-quality businesses are in great demand and short supply. And just as our Recruitment Practice excels at uniting talent with opportunity, our Business Brokerage practice leverages those same relationships and insights to connect acquirers with sellers.

For acquirers, we help them to identify target businesses that support specific strategic objectives, like increasing market share, growing geographic footprint, or expanding into adjacent sectors. Our reach is both diverse and extensive, spanning;

For sellers, we utilise our extensive network of senior decision-makers within PLCs, SMEs, private equity backed firms and family-owned businesses. We can represent your company in generating interest, discreetly approaching the right people, and making sure that all-important first contact is both credible and confidential.

As a people-centric, multidisciplinary executive search firm, we have enormous experience in representing or assisting individuals in complex contract negotiations with executive decision-makers. And we bring those same skills to the table when intermediating mergers or acquisitions that deliver value for all parties.

To find out more about Stone Executive’s Business Brokerage service, please contact  our team on 0333 800 1560.

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