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We live in a world where connectivity is celebrated, yet the reality is that every new connection provides a new opportunity for a hacker to penetrate often flimsy defences and access personal information, steal confidential commercial data, or disrupt operations. And while cyber threats have been around since the birth of computing, in recent years their level of sophistication has grown exponentially.

Yet it is remarkable how many organisation that rely entirely on their digital infrastructure don’t have a robust, forward-looking strategy to deal with the increasingly well-organised cyber security threat. One explanation for the failure to proactively implement effective security measures is the lack of senior talent in this relatively new sector. Yet although the talent pool is relatively small, it is in huge demand, as firms in all sectors headhunt for the best cyber security executives.

Stone Executive leverages its strong track-record in technology to identify and engage high-calibre cyber security leaders. Our cyber security headhunters are ideally placed to identify and engage those sought-after professionals who can combine technical insight with commercial acumen – people with the vision to anticipate the nature of new threats likely to emerge over the next 2 – 5 years. Our expertise in executive recruitment can help you search and find people who can begin preparing strategic countermeasures today. Our cyber security practice is supported by our wider Technology executive search practice for functional and board level appointments. 

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