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The software industry has long since developed into a mature sector, yet the pace of innovation and expansion continues to accelerate, driven by a relentless wave of bold start-ups who continually challenge the hegemony of the established global players. Some of these energetic young companies fall by the wayside, while some join the ranks of the technological elite – and the driving factor behind the success or failure of each is often the quality of leadership.

Software companies need passionate leaders with diverse skills and experience. Of course, senior software executives should have sound technical insight, but they must also combine a clear strategic outlook with strong entrepreneurial instincts. And they must be high-calibre operators in finance, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.

Stone Executive’s Software executive search consultants boast an impressive track-record of headhunting and recruiting high-calibre leaders for a wide range of senior opportunities. Our close relationships with many of the world’s leading software companies give us a deep understanding of role requirements for a variety of c-suite positions. And our extensive professional network enables us to identify and recruit executives with the ability to out-innovate the competition. Our software practice is supported by our wider technology executive recruitment practice for functional and board level appointments. 

To learn more about our executive search capabilities in the software sector, call our specialist team on 0333 800 1560.

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