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Digital technology has changed the way consumers buy goods and services, the way businesses transact, and the way people connect. And the pace of change is accelerating every day. So businesses operating in the digital space need leaders who can sit comfortably at the forefront of this revolution, and who can safely steer their organisations into an uncertain future characterised by continual disruption.

The rate of evolution in the digital landscape has reached such a pace that the most talented digital executives rely less on their experience of what has gone before, and more on their ability to anticipate what will happen – so they can help shape the environment around them and transform technological advancement into commercial success.

Stone Executive's experience of executive headhunting has made us an active player in senior-level digital and technology recruitment for many years, and our long-standing relationships with high-calibre digital talent and with leading online and internet service companies has given us a deep insight into the executive recruitment marketplace.

We have the connections and the expertise to search, identify and headhunt high-calibre digital executives who combine impressive technical capability with sharp commercial acumen – people with the ability to grow resilient, agile internet businesses than can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

To learn more about our executive search capabilities in Digital and Internet Services, call our specialist team on 0333 800 1560.

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