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The UK education sector is undergoing unprecedented change with schools increasingly asked to balance an intricate web of demands, from managing changes to funding levels, to equipping young people with the skills to prosper in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Faced with such diverse challenges, schools require more than just passionate educators. They need strategic thinkers capable of implementing increasingly complex curricular requirements, and who are sensitive to ongoing demographic, societal and cultural changes.

Today’s school leaders must be polished communicators and experts in marketing and PR. They must be commercially savvy and technologically aware, and they must have the ability to manage the interests of diverse stakeholders. Yet finding such talent is a major challenge in itself, and one that requires the services of a specialist education executive search firm.

Stone Executive works with a diverse range of free schools, independent schools, faith schools, city technology colleges and academies, helping them to develop senior leadership teams with the right mix of skills and experience. Our school executive headhunters are closely connected to leading talent across the UK and beyond, so we can quickly identify and engage high-calibre candidates who can help schools meet a range of strategic objectives.

To learn more about our executive search and recruitment capabilities for school leadership roles, call our specialist team on 0333 800 1560.

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