Commercial Education, Training & Accreditation

Commercial Education, Training & Accreditation Headhunters

Organisations involved in commercial education, training and accreditation are enjoying a period of strong growth as established economies and traditional brands seek to retain technical advantage over a growing band of emerging economies and high-growth competitors.

Education and training remain the most direct means of up-skilling human assets in line with technological advancement, while accreditation is used both to maintain and improve standards, and also to demonstrate to external partners that rigorous standards of quality assurance are in place. And as training & accreditation organisations are forced to operate in an increasingly globalized environment, they need to headhunt for commercially aware leaders with the vision to identify emerging demands, and the savvy to transform new opportunities into new revenue streams.

Stone Executive specialises in education executive search. We are a trusted partner of a diverse range of commercial training and accreditation providers, spanning professional bodies and trade organisations, NGO’s, plus a growing number of universities and colleges seeking to boost graduate employability through professional or technical accreditation.

By leveraging our outstanding connectivity in the sector, our executive headhunters are able to engage and recruit high-calibre leaders with the ability to take on new challenges and exploit emerging opportunities.

To learn more about our executive search capabilities in commercial education, training and accreditation, call our specialist team on 0800 130 3026.

I was approached by Stone Executive to discuss a role they were working on, through the course of the conversation it was clear that the organisation in question was a great fit for me but the role might not be. Their deep understanding of the organisations needs persuaded me to meet them, where indeed we realised that we were a great fit and it emerged that the current CEO was ready to move to a non-executive role and I took over as CEO. The ability to understand a client’s needs perhaps even before they understand them themselves is a clear demonstration of the value Stone Executive bring to their clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for senior executives in their business.
Iain Salisbury
Aspiration Training, Chief Executive Officer
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