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The accelerating evolution of technology

Thu 20 September 2018

Just about every commercial sector has been disrupted by new technology over the past twenty years. And companies have responded by creating entirely new departments to leverage the value of information technology, data analytics, cloud computing, or whatever the latest tech innovation may be. But as the pace of change accelerates, firms are coming to realise that placing emerging technologies in their own silos is not the smartest way to integrate them into an organisation, and a more holistic approach is required. These are just some of the ways new tech is driving this change.

Digital reality

The concept of digital reality encompasses technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive technology, each of which is concerned with changing the way humans interface and interact with digital data. We’ve quickly progressed from keyboard and mouse, to touch-screen, voice control and gestural sensing, while emotion sensing technologies are already in development. So as the lines between each of these disciplines blur, and the technologies intertwine and grow together, a new field of ‘digital reality’ is emerging – one that will radically change the way we navigate the digital universe.

Human / machine collaboration

There’s nothing new in the concept of humans collaborating with machines, but digital technology is making the depth and reach of this collaboration move far beyond anything that could have been imagined a decade ago. As the practical capabilities of artificial intelligence and cognitive technology advance, so the impact on automation becomes staggering. Firms across diverse sectors will have the opportunity to radically improve organisational structure and operational efficiency by assigning a growing number of tasks and responsibilities to machines and algorithms. And human resource will become an outdated concept, as digitally augmented workforces become the new reality.

Insight is power

21st century companies are driven by information, by strategic customer insight, by data. And this information is being generated by an increasingly diverse range of sources – not merely from customer transactions and interactions, but from social media and the Internet of Things. And the nature of this data is changing too, from simple numeric or textual information, to increasingly graphical and audio-based data. So firms are being pressed to find new ways to store, manage and leverage the information contained within, and they are finding new ways to share the value of data across their organisation – data is no longer the realm just of the guys in IT .

The talent to deliver on the vision

As the nature of technology evolves, and the way it is utilized within an organisation develops, so the need for a clear and coherent technology strategy becomes paramount. Smart technology deployment is becoming a critical differentiator in deciding the winners and losers in competitive markets, and this is heightening competition for senior technology executives who can boast a proven track-record of success. As specialists in technology executive search, Stone Executive can help clients to identify and attract high-calibre senior talent with the ability to deliver genuine bottom-line impact. As a leading technology executive search firm, our technology headhunters boast a professional network that spans leading tech brands, niche players, plus many of the most talented senior technology executives in the business.

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