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Life Sciences - fresh challenges, new opportunities

Mon 17 November 2014

The life sciences and pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a genuine revolution. New collaborations are facilitating smarter ways of working, and advances in science and bio- technology are creating new R&D methodologies that pave the way for the next generation of "blockbuster" drugs. Companies operating within the industry must quickly adapt to assimilate and take full advantage of these changes in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

New challenges, new opportunities

Organisations within the sector currently face a wide range of challenges. Not only do they operate within a constantly evolving regulatory environment, but the nature of their marketplace is changing too, as purchasers seek to pay according to performance, and as health service providers increasingly seek to prevent rather than to cure. Manufacturers also have to manage very long product lifecycles that require enormous investment to deliver new products to market, and they continually face fresh demands for greater public accountability. Add to this the twin challenge of expiring patents and a squeeze on public sector budgets, and it’s clear that the next decade will be a testing one for pharmaceutical companies. However, the growth of new global markets also makes this a time of great opportunity and the rewards for those that succeed can be enormous.

Planning for success

The success of any organisation within the life sciences and pharma sector is a function of the skills, experience and creativity of its people. Firms must therefore be able to identify and attract the right calibre of professionals, from clinicians, technicians and operations experts with defined specialist skills, to managers and executives with the commercial acumen and vision to lead their organisations forward in today’s global environment. The reason the UK remains at the forefront of this global industry is that British companies boast a significant proportion of the sector’s most talented and skilled professionals.

Competing in a rapidly changing enviornment

The ability to attract and retain the right people is therefore a key competency for all firms in the sector, and that’s where Stone Executive can play a critical role. Life science recruitment and medical device recruitment is a highly specialised field, and we possess a unique insight into the recruitment marketplace and boast an extensive network that spans all of the world’s leading life sciences and pharmaceutical organisations. We work is partnership with organisations and candidates to bring together the brightest talent and the most exciting opportunities, creating value for all parties.

Recruiting for success

Employers seeking to fill life science jobs or medical device jobs must recognise they are operating in a hugely competitive environment, one where the services of a recruitment partner with intimate knowledge of the employment marketplace can prove invaluable to the recruitment process. Stone Executive is a specialist in life sciences recruitment and pharmaceutical recruitment, identifying and attracting candidates for executive, senior and middle management positions as well as technical and clinical roles. We have an extensive network of contacts across the industry, both within the UK and internationally, and we have an outstanding track-record of recruiting some of the most talented and sought after individuals in the industry.

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