Managing Director - Health & Social Care - LD & Supported Living

UK - Midlands
£70-75k Basic + Bens
Ref: se04021
The Role
  • Be wholly accountable to the Subsidiary Board of Directors
  • Through the Subsidairy Chairman, be accountable to the Group Board
  • To lead the Subsidiary to ensure that Thera provides high quality services for people with a learning disability in line with its vision and strategic direction


  • demonstrate a passion for charity's vision and aims
  • motivate and inspire diverse individuals and groups
  • oversee the performance of the Subsidiary
  • present a positive image of charity
  • lead, create and function within a culture of change
  • develop and use effective strategies and interpersonal styles to influence and guide others
  • provide impetus for changes and improvements in organisational performance
  • create a proactive climate which empowers others to act
  • support the development of the Board of Directors and senior managers
  • direct individuals and teams to deliver strategic development
  • demonstrates ethical and professional standards in all circumstances
  • recognise and acts on the feelings, needs and motives of others
  • ability to adjust quickly and effectively to new work requirements, ideas, job demands, or social situations
  • carry out the duties of the H&S responsible person for the Subsidiary


  • formulate strategic plans for a single company
  • develop the identity of the subsidiary company whilst working within the strategy of the Group
  • apply logic and think clearly when solving a range of diverse and complex strategic problems
  • assess situations broadly and realistically
  • evaluate complex options and take strategic decisions
  • identify, plan and implement the need for strategic changes and improvements


  • direct the planning of a wide range of resources on a long term basis
  • direct multiple and complex strategic projects and activities
  • carry out constructive performance appraisal with senior managers
  • negotiate internally and externally at all levels and across the Group
  • direct the planning and management of risk across an organisation
  • apply a full range of market research techniques in the context of national regional and local labour markets
  • analyse complex written and numerical strategic reports, taking action as appropriate
  • plan and manage time and workload and negotiate day to day and strategic priorities
  • apply comprehensive knowledge and understanding of organisational structures, culture and behaviour
  • apply comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the legal frameworks, within which the charity works
  • work in partnership with the charity to ensure the appropriate planning and provision of corporate services resources
  • manage and monitor a range of organisational budgets
  • manage and monitor a range of internal and external contracts


  • direct the creation and implementation of innovative strategies and plans to improve the quality or extent of provision of learning disabilities within the subsidiary
  • direct the subsidiary in the application of organisational policy
  • apply comprehensive knowledge of a full range of financial, commercial and learning disability issues at a strategic level without supervision or referral
  • apply knowledge of health and safety legislation and practice in liaison with members of the Board and senior management team

Learning Disabilities

  • issues in relation to learning disabilities and an understanding of the issues that people face
  • national policy relating to people with a learning disability
  • best practice in the development and delivery of services in support of people with a learning disability
  • local and national politics in the pursuance of the charity's strategic objectives


  • ensure risk assessment and management of the subsidiary company
  • negotiate, monitor and control a wide range of financial, staff and other resources
  • demonstrate and apply knowledge of a range of financial and contractual issues to the direction and management of a subsidiary company
  • promote a customer service ethos within the subsidiary company
  • apply knowledge of commissioning processes to the commercial development of the subsidiary company
  • lead complex contract negotiations
  • identify and take advantage of opportunities to improve organisational performance
  • apply knowledge of publicly quoted companies in developing and reviewing best practice
  • generate new ideas to support the development and performance of the organisation
  • ability to direct a flexible and appropriate response to new conditions and circumstances


  • establish effective styles of communication and employ effective communication strategies
  • use a full range of communication methods at all levels internally and externally to the charity
  • articulate difficult, complex and/or critical material and ideas clearly and effectively
  • demonstrate command of language, clarity of thought, and orderliness of presentation
  • initiate and evaluate arrangements for obtaining and supplying information within and outwith the subsidiary company
  • network with a variety of different individuals and organisations and to utilise these networks effectively
  • facilitate networking within and outside an organisation
  • establish and maintain positive working relationships with diverse individuals and groups of people within a range of organisations and the wider community
  • liaise confidently and professionally with a variety of media, influencing their approach and delivery of information
  • demonstrate an awareness of different methods of communicating with people who have differing levels of language comprehension and verbal communication
The Candidate


  • Professional or management qualification to degree/post-graduate level.


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Assistant Director/senior management position.
  • Experience of working in learning disability services that offers the breadth and depth of knowledge required to meet the competencies of the post.
  • Experience of leading and implementing major change – both cultural and organisational.
  • Working in a fast-paced and developing organisation.
  • Managing teams to deliver improvements in services. 
  • Setting and achieving organisational and performance targets.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Effective budget management.
  • Writing, editing and contributing to key internal and external publications.



  • Experience in managing care and support for people with a learning disability.
  • Lobbying Government and/or other influential organisations.
  • Working in a commercial environment.
  • Business development.


  • Sound understanding of learning disability and related issues.
  • Excellent project and people management skills.
  • Highly articulate.
  • Excellent negotiator.
  • Can influence and motivate at all levels.
  • Can create a positive and lasting impression on all stakeholders.
  • Relates to people of different backgrounds.
  • Creative approach to problem solving.
  • Willing to take calculated risks.
  • Ability to delegate.


  • Self-assured.
  • Determined and reliable.
  • Dynamic and innovative.
  • Forward-thinking.
  • Enjoy a culture of change and thrive within it.
  • Passionate about improving services for people with disabilities.
  • Relates well to people of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Consultative/democratic management style.
  • Be a role model to middle managers.
  • High degree of personal integrity.
  • Flexible approach to work.
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