Candidate Consultation

Talk to Stone Executive about your next career move and you’ll find we’re a little different from other executive search companies. We believe that the better we know you, the better-qualified we are to find you the right position. So we’ll take the time to understand precisely what your objectives and goals are, and what motivates you.

We’ll never try to shoe-horn you into a role that isn’t right for you. In fact we’ll work with clients to identify opportunities that match your aspirations, and even try to tailor roles to make the most of your experience and expertise.

You’ll find we don’t simply wait for suitable positions to arise. We actively engage with key employers to explore potential opportunities that match your experience and your aspirations, and we’ll make direct approaches to companies that we think may be able to offer suitable roles.

Confidentiality and integrity underpins everything we do, because only by taking care of our candidates can we continue to attract the very best talent available.

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