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Sun 15 November 2015

Every organisation within the public and not-for-profit sector currently faces a diverse range of challenges, including intense fiscal pressure, increased public and media scrutiny, a growing demand for services, and heightened user expectations. So it’s more important than ever that employers attract executives and senior professionals of the very highest calibre - individuals who can prioritise, manage and deliver on these varied demands. That’s where Stone Executive can add enormous value. As genuine specialists in public sector recruitment, we are able to identify and engage with candidates who possess the expertise and experience to match our clients’ precise requirements.

Central government recruitment

Today’s tough economic climate presents a unique challenge for central government. Executives and senior managers have to maintain a careful balance between budgetary constraints and service delivery, and they have to achieve this within a complex legislative framework. So central government professionals increasingly need a range of skills more usually associated with the private sector. They have to be effective financial managers, excellent strategists and inspirational leaders.

Yet although this is a very challenging time to be working within central government, it’s also a very exciting one because it offers talented individuals the opportunity to make a real difference to the welfare of the UK population. People who can combine a forward-looking approach to management, together with a traditional commitment to public service, can play a critical role in society. But such individuals aren’t easy to find, so central government executive search requires the services of a specialist. Stone Executive has an outstanding track-record of recruiting high-calibre individuals for a diverse range of positions within central government.

Charity recruitment, NGO's and foundation

The post-credit-crunch era has thrown up many challenges for charitable organisations. In an environment dominated by news of government cuts and a squeeze on donations, all fourthsector  organisations must find innovative new ways to engage with supporters and benefactors, and to overcome the obstacles of economic recession. So the ability to attract leaders with the passion and the vision to take on these challenges has become a key competency, and that’s where the services of a charity recruitment specialist can pay dividends.

Stone Executive has an impressive history of identifying highcalibre individuals with the assets to take on these challenges and lead their organisations towards a brighter future. With an extensive professional network that includes many of the largest charities in the UK, and some of the most high-profile charity executives, our consultants are experts in charity recruitment. So they’re ideally placed to help clients identify and attract the kind of talent that can make a real difference to their future.

Local government recruitment

The business of running local government has never been tougher than it is today. Faced with a swathe of spending cuts, together with the challenge of helping to deliver the "big society", local government bodies are being forced to become ever more innovative and resourceful in their efforts to deliver good quality services. So councils must attract leaders and senior managers with the vision, energy and drive to take on this challenge. But of course such people are in great demand, which makes local government recruitment an increasingly competitive arena.

To gain an edge in attracting the most talented executives, employers are increasingly using the services of a specialist local government recruitment company like Stone Executive. With a unique insight into the demands of the sector and an extensive network that includes many of the most talented local government professionals in the UK, we are uniquely placed to help clients identify and attract leaders with the skills and experience to match even the most demanding of requirements.

Successful public sector headhunters

Stone Executive works with a wide range of public sector and charitable organisations. Our experience within the sector means we fully understand the need for transparency, integrity and value throughout the recruitment process, and we will always carry out search activities in strict accordance with the client’s equality and diversity guidelines.

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