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Energy sector - recruiting for competitve advantage

Wed 1 February 2012

The energy industry is currently undergoing a period of rapid change, and all organisations in the sector face a wide variety of challenges, some old and some new. Volatile commodity markets, fluctuations in demand, and political instability in oil-producing nations have always been major influences on corporate strategy. But today, growing media scrutiny and heightened concerns around environmental issues are placing additional pressures on energy producers. Yet there is plenty of room for optimism too, as emerging technologies create new opportunities in exploration and in the development of existing assets, while new, clean technologies push the boundaries within the renewables sector.

Companies that wish to rise to these challenges and fully exploit the new opportunities now face fierce competition to attract the best talent. That's where Stone Executive can really add value. With a unique insight into the recruitment marketplace and an excellent network of contacts within the UK and across the major global energy hubs, we are ideally placed to help companies identify and recruit high calibre individuals for a broad range of senior roles. We specialise in three main areas within the energy sector: oil and gas, renewable energy, and mining and minerals.

Oil and Gas Executive Recruitment

Despite recent advances in renewable energies, the oil and gas industry remains the engine of growth for the entire global economy. Rising demand from emerging economies has put increasing pressure on existing assets, while environmental concerns and a changing regulatory environment place constraints on the development of new reserves, particularly in deepwater sites. To help companies meet these challenges, our consultants offer a wealth of experience in recruiting some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. We cover all associated fields, from exploration and extraction through to refining, retailing and marketing, and we recruit for all technical disciplines as well as management and senior executive roles.

Renewable Energy Recruitment

As global energy demands continue to increase, and reserves of traditional energy sources go into decline, the search for commercially viable renewable energies becomes ever more critical. As the green movement gathers momentum, with growing support from governments and corporations around the globe, so the demand for experienced talent has increased too. Growing investment in R&D across a range of disciplines including wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal and hydropower is driving demand for skilled professionals and technical people with the expertise and know-how to give their firms an edge in this extremely dynamic sector.

Mining and Minerals Recruitment

In line with the rapid growth of large emerging economies such as China and India, demand for mineral resources is also rising year on year. Although these much soughtafter reserves are distributed around the globe, many of the companies that dominate the sector choose to site their headquarters in London, making the UK recruitment market for senior professionals and executives within this sector particularly active. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of these markets, so whatever experience and skill-sets you are looking for, they know just where to find them.

Recruiting for competitve advantage

Companies across these three sub-sectors each face very different futures, yet one challenge common to all is the need to attract experienced, talented people who can help them achieve sustainable competitive advantage, drive long term growth and deliver shareholder value. Stone Executive has an outstanding track-record of identifying and recruiting senior professionals and executives with the vision and drive to lead their organisations into a new age of energy production.

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